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Water Quality, Waste Water Management

p Water Quality and Quantity Issues : Human Health and Differences among Countries [NAME]

[INSTITUTION] Water Quality and Quantity Issues : Human Health and Differences among Countries

Water , being a most important resource for human survival , is indeed an important aspect to consider in maintaining and improving public health Any prolonged water shortages may potentially result in unrest and panic , as aside from water 's life supporting capability it is also vital in ensuring cleanliness . However , while water is without doubt necessary for life , it is also undeniable that water may also bring

forth detrimental effects to one 's health . For one , in regions where in water quality is among the most alarming issues , diseases arising from unclean water such as diarrhea and trachoma as well as parasitic infections are quite common (Bartram et al , 2005 . Of course , it is not difficult to realize that unclean water may carry such threats or dangers which are not immediately noticeable or detectable furthermore , if water supply has indeed been compromised then individuals would have no choice but to utilize the available sources of water regardless of the presence of the aforesaid health threats . The problems regarding water quality and quantity however are not uniform throughout different countries or even communities expectedly , there is a possible connection between the economic capability or wealth of a given population and the extent in which the aforesaid concerns regarding water manifests . Hence , to further understand these differences , it would be ideal to compare the water quality and quantity issues...

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