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Was slavery the primary cause of the American Civil War slavery?

p Causes of the Civil War

Today we recognize slavery as a moral issue . But in the early nineteenth century , it was seen as an economic issue first moral issue second . The curious thing is that although slavery was the moral issue of the nineteenth century that divided the political leaders of the land , the average American had very little interest in slaves or slavery . Most Southerners were small farmers that could not afford slaves . Most Northerners were small farmers or tradesmen that had never even seen a slave


the war about slavery ? Of course . If there had been no disagreement over the issue of slavery , the South would probably not have discerned a threat to its culture and the southern politicians would have been much less likely to seek "their right to secede

Slavery had a role in creating tensions between North and South because of the efforts of northern abolitionists to stir up opposition to the institution for the half-century or so prior to the start of the Civil War , and historians do find that the anti-slavery sentiment was strong in the north contributed to developing political tensions between North and South , and created special resentment against the North in the South . This already provides a positive outlook in regards to realizing slavery as being the primary cause of the American Civil war

But was it only about slavery ? No . It was also about the constitutional argument over whether or not a state had a right to leave...

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