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Wal-Mart Vs. Target (Business Strategy Class)

Wal-Mart Vs . Target (Business Strategy Class

I (a ) Economic globalization is an important aspect of modern world system . It is one of the most influential forces determining the future global development . The basic sphere of globalization is the international economic system , i .e . global manufacture , national economies and the world market . Wal Mart and Target Corporation are two US- based giant discount retailers operating around the world . The existence of such types of stores on the market becomes urgent . This phenomenon can be easily explained by the lowering standards of living

and economic slowdowns . of the discount retailers is more popular than Wal- Mart and Target

The mission of the research is to analyze and compare Wal Mart and Target market position , identify the strategies the companies employed in their marketing which have lead to success . The research will be based on SWOT analysis , Porter 's 5 Forces analysis and 5 Generic Strategies . Also , a special attention will be given to recent trends and key success factors , code of ethics employed by each company and their social responsibility

The most general characteristic that Wal Mart and Target Corporation have in common is the emphasis on low prices . The mission of both companies is similar : to market lo a wide range of merchandise including non-food items and nonperishable food , in a limited-service format

Wal-Mart is the leader of the full-line discounters , with many stores covering 120 ,000 square feet (or more ) of floor space food accounts for about a third of floor space and sales . Wal-Mart was found in 1962 in Rogers , Arkansas (Wal-Mart , 2005 . Its founder , Sam Walton opend the first distribution center in 1970 , which was a starting point for further expansion , and in two years it was included in the list on the New York Stock Exchange . During the next decade Wal-Mart acquired a number of stores including 16 Mohr-Value stores and Hutcheson Shoe Company . It opened new divisions such as jewelry , one-hour photo lab pharmacy , auto service , and reached its first billion dollar sales in 1979 (about 1 ,248 ,000 ,000 . Wal-Mart 's first foray outside the United States was in Mexico in 1991 . Market entry in Europe came in 1997 with the purchase of 21 hypermarkets from Wertkauf GmbH . The following year Wal-Mart acquired 74 additional hypermarkets from Spar Handels AG Annual charitable contributions were about 100 million in 1998 . Today Wal-Mart is the biggest private employer in the world withh 1 ,140 ,000 staff (Wal-Mart , Wikipedia , 2005 . The recent starategy is to expand to urban markets

Target Corporation is a large-store general merchandise company which has 1 ,450 stores in 47 states (Target Corporation , Hoovers , 2005 Target Corporation includes discount stores , moderate-priced promotional and traditional department stores , as well as a direct mail and on-line business . Wal-Mart 's direct competitor was founded in 1902 by George Dayton in Minneapolis . The first discount store was opened in 1962 in Ruseville . In a decade , Target became a top revenue producer (Target . Wikipedia , 2005 . In 1967 , the...

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