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22 June 2009

World War II

The night has just fallen , and the streets are getting empty and quiet . In a small Berlin bar however , the day has just started for three of the most powerful people in the world . In one corner of the bar sat Josef Stalin , Franklin D . Roosevelt , and Winston Churchill . It was just right after World War II , so this may serve as their celebratory dinner and drink . It was a cold , mid-May night in 1945 so

they were having beers along with their large steaks . They chose to dine in a local joint because it was just after the war and all the countries are just recovering economically . The three leaders were discussing each of their contribution to their victory , and despite fighting side by side in the war , of them were backing down as to who has played the most important part of all

Josef Stalin was the leader of the Soviet Union , succeeding Lenin right after his death in 1924 . Under Stalin 's leadership , Soviet Union experienced a period of rapid industrialization and economic collectivization , though this lead to the upheaval in the nation 's agriculture which resulted to widespread famine . Earlier in the war Stalin made a non-aggression deal with Nazi Germany . However , this agreement was violated by Germany , so they had no choice but to join the Allied powers . While the Germans continue to ravage the Soviet Union 's territory , Stalin...

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