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With the relevant increase of diversity in societies around the world creating better opportunities for an individual requires an increased dedication and passion for what he or she wants . In addition , one must continue to persevere in improving oneself as it is an important ingredient towards attaining individual goals and objectives . It is with this mindset that I want to express my intention at obtaining a bachelor 's degree in health administration

My name is Onyie Obi , an immigrant from Africa . I finished my Accounting degree at Nigeria . I moved to the

United States seeking an opportunity to improve my life and better provide for my family . I believe that achieving another degree can help improve my career goals and objectives . This is one reason that I wanted to apply for a health administration degree

Another reason that I wanted to apply is because I wanted to expand by horizons as a professional . Since I am an accountant by nature , exposing myself towards other fields can help me further grow as an individual . I can efficiently use my background in accounting and enhance my skills in the health profession . This is important especially now that companies and various organizations seek professionals who are adept in various skills

In addition , I had become interested in health administration since I immigrated in the United States . I wanted to help the community that I live in by providing them sufficient and efficient health system . I feel that with this profession , I shall be able to reach out to people who are in need

With all of these , I do hope that you consider my application in your degree . I feel that your educational institution can be an important stepping stone towards my career . In the end , with your help , I can be a better contributor in the community

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