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However , it can well be stated that there is a situation in this context that country or culture needs a social or political impulse to fight successfully against this cultural force . But there are problems with political influence in this respect . It should be remembered that at the beginning of the 20th century the Ottoman Empire tried to consolidate its regional matters by introducing reforms in many sectors in the form of westernization but it backfired as in the process the empire lost control over vast area like Egypt , North Africa , the Caucasus

and the Balkans . At this point of time the Arabs showed their discontent by starting the movement now known as Arab Nationalism . Thus the consolidation of local culture in today 's world should be done with social perspective with political influence only being instrumental in the background as financial or moral support . With westernization influencing mostly with quality of life and global economy it is important for the eastern cultures to go back to their roots of cultural heritage and develop the brighter aspects of their culture to ease the pressure of westernization on their respective cultures . Moderate social reforms are the only way out and it should be done with the direct participation of general mass of the society


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