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Creon 's Role

Creon 's Role As Leader in Sophocles Antigone


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In Knox 's introduction to Sophocles tragic Greek play cycles of Oedipus the King , the reader is given the postulation of whether or not Creon or Antigone are deserving of such a cruel fate . Many scholars believe that even the tragedy that befell Oedipus (killing his biological father having sex with his biological mother and then stabbing out his eyes with knitting needles ) was also an imbalanced retribution of the gods

What must be remembered when reading Sophocles ' play Oedipus Rex is that the audience of Greek culture expected extreme retribution to befall the play 's tragic heroes for in dealings with the gods , any anger incited met with great punishment . These were morality plays for the audience and as such , they expected and believed that whatever small crossing they did to the gods would beget extreme anger . These plays are about myth , so one must take into consideration Freud 's statement

The most we can do is to dream the myth onwards and give it a modern dress . And whatever explanation or interpretation does to it , we do to our own souls as well , with corresponding results for our own well-being .For the archetype is an element of our psychic structure .It represents or personifies certain instinctive data of the dark , primitive psyche , the real but invisible roots of consciousness (Jung


Thus , the audience 's relation to the main characters...

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