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Vulnerability Assessment

1 . Introduction


The importance and criticality of water for the existence , continuity safety and comfort of human existence has remained acknowledged since the beginning of human life . Different generations and civilizations have tried in various ways to harness it for diverse purposes , for sustenance , transportation , human safety , irrigation , power generation and industry . While previous civilizations were content with settling near water sources , or in areas with greater rainfall , advances in technology and increases in population , have led (a ) to the emergence of issues like urbanization , sanitation , control of waterborne

diseases water treatment , depletion , conservation , and reuse (b ) to the extensive study of water resources and water cycles , and (c ) to the formulation and implementation of various actions to ensure its appropriate use for human comfort and development

Recent decades have seen the development of issues like widespread asphalting and concreting in urban areas , sharply increased demands for water on a global basis , increased contamination of naturally available water , disturbances in water cycles because of pollution and global warming , and terrorist threats aimed at contaminating or damaging water storage and supply systems . Water supply , and its availability for human usage , has thus become increasingly vulnerable to diverse forces forcing administrations and decision makers to respond with short and long term strategies to reduce water vulnerability , now and in the future


The three county region of Palm Beach , Broward , and Miami-Dade , in Southern Florida , represents one such area in the United States where rapid urbanization , increasing population and significant increases in water consumption have led to increased water vulnerability and to carefully thought out and constructed responses by administrators and policymakers to counter this development , both in the short and long term . This assignment aims to study , assess and analyze the issue on the basis of the following requirements , parameters and assumptions

Identification of supply and demand factors that , at present , define and affect water supply for specified tri county region on the basis of research

Identification and assessment of the natural and manmade hazards that can currently affect water supplies in the three counties

Forecasting of the likely environment , and identification of water supply and demand issues after 60 years , i .e , in 2067 , considering that (a ) half the existing square footage of impervious surface is added every 30 years (b ) another 50 of the existing footage is remodeled every 30 years , and , the annual population grows at the rate of 1 .5 annually

Identification of measures to (a ) mitigate adverse impacts to water supply and (b ) to adapt buildings to the projected realities of 2067 , on the basis of a comparative assessment of water supply vulnerability in 2007 and 2067

The research effort depends primarily upon material available on the subject by way of texts , journals , and magazines , in electronic and print format , as well as on official and other websites . All information sources are available in the bibliography . The assignment is structured into sections that deal with issues sequentially and thus enable progression of ideas and cohesion...

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