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A Silent Foe Fact : Men think more about sex then women do . Fact : More men are likely to take a peep when women undress . Fact : There is more pornographic material in a teenage boy 's bed room than in women . Let 's face it we all have a little bit of voyeurism in us whether we like to admit it or not Take for example the movie entitled Saw II , the first person the killer murdered is a voyeur . Listen to the way the killer talks to the person the reason

behind why he had placed the key below the voyeur person 's eye . It was done so to make the voyeur chose if he wanted to go blind and continue living or if he wanted to die . The voyeur choice the later part , to die because he could not take out the key from his eye without going blind . This is a classic example of voyeurism . Voyeur comes from the French word Voir which means to see or to observe . When added with the suffix -eur it literally translates to the Seer ' or Observer 'Statement of the Problem

So many questions come to mind when this word is said . The question that this would like to answer is what is voyeurism ? What are the symptoms of a person who has this type of dis ? Can person with this dis really be cured ? This are some of the questions that this wishes to answer . In the most parts of the research , the has three hypothesizes (1 ) Voyeurism is a sickness (2 ) It is curable through long hard treatments (3 ) Most people would rather stay in the dark about sicknesses they can understand and that dose not bother them . It 's sad though cause people calm to be social beings

Relevance of the study

This 's relevance is to inform people about the psycho - sexual dis called voyeurism . Those many people have it , a lot more are in the dark about it . This aims to show what is a voyeur , what are his signs of being a voyeur , what are the law against voyeurism , and lastly what is the treatment that a voyeur has to under go to get well from this sickness . Why is it relevant to know what this sickness is One reason is that along with the age of technology comes the age of pornography . Now a day the computer is necessary for school work . Yet there are a lot of web sites that show pornography . They even have live sex shows on the net . Children are curious beings especially upon entering the teen years , what is an age restriction to them anyway , any one can lie about their age . This aims to prove that there is a little bit of voyeurism in everyone but some people possess the ability to control that little bit of themselves . This also aims to make people aware of their surroundings because they will...

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