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Volcanoes- Mt. Saint Helens & Mt. Rainier

Volcanoes - Mt . Saint Helens Mt . Rainier


No matter how much power humanity has accumulated , natural calamities are still stalking humans in many parts of the planet . The Washington State is no exception . One of the foremost potential sources of disaster is the two mountains located within the state bs - Mt . Saint Helens Mt . Rainier . These two giants have the explosive power possessed by all volcanoes , even if they are sleeping . Exploration of the challenge posed by these two natural objects is the way to prepare effectively for the possible calamity in

case it strikes unexpectedly

Mount Rainier

Mount Rainier was called the sleeping giant ' since it has not had an eruption for 150 years . This is not , however , such a long time from the geological point of view , and most scientists expect the mountain to come to life again some day . In the USGS survey , it comes up as the 3rd most dangerous mountain in the US because of its proximity to a large number of people

The disaster can happen not just because of a large-scale explosion . The top of Mt . Rainier is crowned with a larger accumulation of ice and snow that of any other of the Cascade volcanos and even all of them together Therefore , it would not take an explosive 1980-style St . Helens eruption to create a disaster for people downstream of Mount Rainier even if just part of the huge ice cap were to melt ( Mount Rainier The sleeping giant . There is also the danger that a portion of the mountain will break off from the crater if the mountain starts to heat up and will destroy communities in dangerous proximity to Mt . Rainier . A stream of lahar , or the mixture of mud and water can come down resulting in the flow thicker than the one that slid down the slope of Mt . St Helens in 1980

Surprising or not , evacuation danger signs posted on settlements do not prevent people from settling in the area that enjoys lower housing prices than in the surrounding pricey Puget Sound . As a result of thriving construction , roughly 30 ,000 Puyallup River Valley residents are in direct danger in a volcanic eruption , along with more than 100 ,000 people living in Mount Rainier 's six other valleys ( Mount Rainier : The sleeping giant . Despite the authorities ' strenuous efforts to integrate the latest scientific discoveries with evacuation plans , Puyallup remains their big public safety issue ( Mount Rainier : The sleeping giant

Mount Saint Helens

Mount St . Helens demonstrated its danger in 1980 when a massive eruption killed 57 people when it blew 1 ,300 feet off the volcano 's top devastating a vast landscape and spewing ash around the world (Paulson 2005 . Although from these days scientists moved forward with their predicting technology , one still remembers that 1980 was a failure for seismologists eager to avert the calamity

In 2004 , there was a red alert as there occurred a series of earthquakes and a steam rose over the mountain . The authorities...

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