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Visual learning vs. Kinesthetic learning Pros & Cons


Visual Learning Vs . Kinesthetic Learning





Visual Learning Vs . Kinaesthetic Learning

Learning is a process where an individual acquires knowledge and skills through experience , schooling or study . It incorporates several processes and can be attained in various ways . Generally , it is innate for human beings to engage in the process of learning in to know the things and actions that surround them . However , each person employs different ways of learning . The ways in which a person prefers to

learn is known as learning style ( Learning styles ' 2008 . This explores the advantages and disadvantages of two of the most commonly used learning Visual learning style

Visual learning is a method which relies heavily in the use of images such as graphics and pictures as a source of information . According to studies , people who are considered as visual learners must first see things before they could understand a particular or subject . Most of the visual learners respond well when presented with diagrams charts , images , picture books and the likes . It is also noteworthy that people engaged in visual learning style are able to retort and gain new knowledge on their own by creating visual images of things (Neer , 2008

Advantages of visual learning style

Through empirical studies , researches have proven that visual learning allows people to coordinate and act on things quickly thus it was posted that such learning style helps in building knowledge . It was also stated that the main function of graphics is to create an information literal space ' which help individuals to view patterns and easily create a link between ideas . Likewise , visual learning is capable of distributing large scales of information holistically . For example , a diagram quickly presents structures that allow individuals to compare things accurately . Visual learning also generates a great display of various level of individual analysis which often results to the communication of ideas (Cegg , 2008

Because visual learners enjoy images , it was suggested that they are efficient in creating pictures of things and are good in imagining situations . Visual learning also helps persons to create visual strategies for remembering information that was accounted for the capability of such learners to view the whole picture during discussions and giving out solutions to a problem or situations ( Learning styles ' 2008

Moreover , visual learning enhances creativity . The interaction with images entices creative ideas because it is able to tap on the main source of an individual 's innovation . Once the innovative side of a person is touched , linear ideas become holistic and more intuitive . And because seeing things personally could draw unconscious elements , people are able to create various interpretation on a single image based from past experiences (Cegg , 2008 . According to Kristina Hooper Woolsey visual learning functions as the facilitator of synergy among groups Drawings that contemplate collaboration contain neutral qualities that are effective . When people focus on the drawing they are able to concentrate on that particular drawing without regarding the differences...

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