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Visual Analysis Essay

Visual Analysis Essay


Advertisement is mainly the approach and strategy of the business sector namely the manufacturing firms to entice and encourage the public to patronize and consume their products . As consumption is the primary source of profit for the manufacturing business , the products of these companies must be bought to be converted into financial resources , which represents as the income of the manufacturing industry . On the normative cycle , the businesses produce the basic products and commodities , which the consuming public needs . Through the exchange made in buying manufacturing

firms generate their financial resources and income that are significant for their economic development and progress

However , as the economy develops and the consuming public 's preferences become tighter and stiffer due to the increase in the product choices and production competition , the manufacturing firms takes on new challenges and maintaining their consumer shares in the market . Each respective business must develop new approaches and strategies to entice the public towards their product thus , maintaining and further expanding their consumer shares for more income generation . Thus , aside from producing and launching their respective products in the market manufacturing firms must also learn to promote their revenue to promote the consumption and patronage of the people . Under this aspect that the marketing strategy of advertisement manifests an important role in the economic sustainability and development of the business sector

Aside from the normative approach of marketing advertisement , the business sector must also develop new and enticing approaches in marketing their products to the consuming society . This is significantly needed by each business firm for them to be able to maintain their market share against the stiff competition from other manufacturing businesses . Because of this aspect , several important social characteristics and concepts are now being incorporated in the marketing approach of advertisement . Contemporary advertisement in different mediums now employ the visual persuasion characteristics to entice and encourage their target consumer towards their products . In general , the creative nature and artistic characteristics of modern advertisement strategies has significantly affected their effectiveness towards attracting the public in consuming and patronize the specific products that the advertisement is promoting

In the aspect of analyzing the value of visual characteristics of modern advertisement mediums , this will critically analyze and evaluate the effectiveness of two particular print advertisements of two different manufacturing firms competing under one industry . These commercials have their own respective targets in the consuming public bearing their own respective approaches and strategies in enticing their targets . Several criteria and aspects will be considered in this analysis to generate the conclusion of whether these chosen advertisements were indeed effective in their marketing functions

Advertisement 1

The first advertisement is a print commercial that is mainly characterized by the presence of the internationally known male actor Charlie Sheen promoting a certain brand of cigarette . The presence of the model in this advertisement gives the picture a masculine look and professional look as implied by the visual presentation of the model and the entire medium . From...

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