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Vision, senses, and motor control worksheet

Running Head : Vision , Senses and Motor Control





Date (1 ) The roles played by experiences in object recognition and visual perception

Conceptually , experiences are important in contributing towards human knowledge through sense experiences . Both visual perception and object recognition have their central locus in the human brain . Sense experience is therefore important in giving a person the experiential knowledge about the things and objects that he /she often sees in course of life . The brain sensation develops reflective knowledge about such aspects . For example

senses experience is what makes somebody to see that this is a chair and not anything else . The mental perception involves experiential knowledge which brings the ultimate impressions to an individual 's perception that the object of recognition or perception is exactly the actual object

How does sensation and perception affect the five senses

Sensation and perception have their central control as the brain Sensation and perception which occurs as both objective and subjective is applied in the conceptual functionally of the five senses considering that that all result to evoke of stimuli . Generally however , human beings are both visual and perceptional animals . Sensation and perception is both held within the psychological autonomies that govern the modalities of the five human senses . They both dictate the working and perception of the five senses in terms of responding to various sensational stimuli . The sensation part is crucial in detecting the physical energy from the five senses which is then transmitted to the brain for mental processing by sense perception . Since sensation work hand in hand with perception towards the coordination of the five senses they are such basic attributes towards affecting the functionality of these senses (Martin , 2006

What are the neurological foundations of taste , touch , and smell

The sensational impact of taste , touch and smell involves the neurological conduct of erratic neurons from the points of senses to the brain cells . It involves the transduction of stimuli from external physical points of sensations which then undergoes changes into electrical signals that are understood by the brain . The neurological process then undergoes communication through the neurons via the nervous system . The sensation by touch gets its meditation in the somatosensory cortex which is placed around the central fissure . Both smell and taste occurs in the subcortical regions of the brain (Martin , 2006

How is the human motor system organized

The human motor system is organized in substantially complex autonomy It has its primary motor cortex that is located at the anterior of the human central fissure . It has both a right and left hemispheres that have their own motor cortex called the motor homunculus . The left hemisphere is for mediating motor activity that come form the right side of the human body while the right homunculus is for mediation on the left part of the human body . The motor system is thus decussated contralatterally . Every part of the motor cortex is made to respond to a specific part of the body (Martin , 2006


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