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How Violence in sports effect society

Many sports are physical in nature and inherently violent . More extreme examples of contact sports are wrestling , boxing , rugby , lacrosse hockey , American football and , arguably , soccer . Each of these sports is played on both local and professional levels , and each requires similar characteristics in to be successful . A competitive personality aggressiveness and leadership abilities are positively rewarded in athletic pursuits , which reinforces these characteristics as desirable in the particular society . America provides the most incentive to develop these characteristics as professional athletes are handsomely rewarded , both financially and socially . In 2006

, the average salary for an NBA player was 5 million , while MLB players averaged nearly 3 million . Conversely , the annual salary for a classroom teacher is less than 40 ,000 . The incentive for gaining and utilizing the attributes mentioned is staggering , however , the chances of becoming a professional athlete and earning such obscene amounts of money is extremely unfavorable to the individual , with odds projected at 22 ,000 to 1

Young Americans are overwhelmingly raised in an environment where sports are used as a method of teaching children the skills that will be valuable in adulthood . One of the most important of these characteristics is aggressiveness . Sports are a form of competition between individuals or teams and aggressiveness is an integral part of competition in any capacity . For some children , sports serve as an outlet for their aggression , which manifests itself in the form of legitimized violence against other people . Organized sports are essentially the only socially acceptable arena for violence to occur without ramifications . According to the Canadian Center for Teaching Peace , the acceptance of body contact and bline violence seems to be based on the idea that sports is an area of life in which it is permissible to suspend usual moral standards (CCTP . The concept of legitimized , socially acceptable violence can be viewed as a patriarchal attempt to maintain traditional notions of masculinity and the status quo thereof

The social construct of masculinity as consisting of strength , control invulnerability and dominance further reinforces the use of violence within and outside of the athletic arena . By legitimizing and rewarding the unrestrained aggression necessary to win in many sports , society is communicating to the youth that the end result is the only importance The win at any cost ' mentality is pervasive among American culture and is exhibited mostly in athletics . This mentality is detrimental to the development of children since their focus is on winning and not on playing the game properly . Often , the value of sportsmanship is also lost in a single-minded effort to be successful . Thus , children are often deprived of many learning opportunities that organized athletics present . The influence of parents on athletic children is also a factor as children often feel the need to fulfill or surpass the expectations of their parents in to have their love or respect . Therefore , the use of violence is continuously perceived as acceptable , even advantageous to young children if they are not coached on the meaning...

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