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Violence in Sport

Violence in Sport

Violence in Sport


With the evolution of sports over the years , whether due to the increased intensity of competition , the stakes at hand or the generally violent nature of society , few would argue that sports have become more violent with time , especially on the professional level . With this in mind , this research will discuss the civil liability involved in violent acts-Tort Law (Feinman , 2000 ) in general terms as well as how Tort Law could possibly apply to sport

General Tort Law in Regard to Violence p

Tort Law , named for the Latin word for twisted , basically assigns financial responsibility when one individual is found to harm another through negligence or intentional damage (Feinman , 2000 . In application of Tort Law to violence in general , if an individual punches his neighbor and breaks his nose over an argument about something , the person who threw the damaging punch could be liable for money damages paid to his victim in addition to any criminal charges to the event . As will now be discussed , there are areas where such liability may exist in sports as well

Application of Tort Law in Sport

In sports , especially given the rise of more violent competition lately , it would seem that Tort liability could exist if it could be shown that a competitor intentionally caused injury to another competitor , either on purpose or through a negligent act . For example if a football player accidentally injured an opposing player through a tackle according to game rules...

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