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Violence and Aggression in Humans: Nature of Nurture?


Aggression is a common behavior in humans . It is not necessary to regard aggressiveness in a person as a bad quality for it has been found to be necessary in animals and is a part of nature . The more aggressive animal in a species is generally more successful , powerful and gains control over food , territory and mates . Aggression is also a means of maintaining social . Aggressiveness in this case becomes a necessity for Darwin 's survival of the fittest

In the highly developed human , there is a negative form of

aggressiveness called as malignant aggression where man causes harm or injury to another for the sole purpose of sadistic pleasure or revenge These acts are generally premeditated or planned and it is this form of aggressiveness that should be discouraged in children . This form of aggressiveness is more often than not due to nurture and not nature . It results from negative emotions like frustration , hatred , prejudice , and fear or from depression or mental imbalance

Children are exposed to violence from a very early age thanks to television , news and cases of domestic violence at home and quarrels in the school . Children have been found to learn from these experiences and behave in an aggressive manner because of this sort of exposure . But it has been found that the aggressiveness is an innate trait and is as much biological and genetical as it is environmental . Children who are aggressive and violent have been found to have parents and relatives who are violent and aggressive . There are two ways of looking at this . The child could be aggressive by nature as the gene of aggressiveness is prevalent in the family or the child can be violent by nurture as he sees violence on a daily basis and believes it to be a part of life . But the fact remains that a child , genes or otherwise , would not be prone to violent behavior unless he was brought up in a violent environment

Statement of Study

Aggression can be useful in some cases but when it becomes violent can be destructive . While many biologists claim that the genes precondition aggressive behavior in a person , psychiatrists and sociologists believe that man 's behavior is a reflection and result of the environment and society that he is brought up in . Various studies and observations prove that man 's aggression is neither solely because of nature or solely because of nurture . It is because of a combination of the two . Both heredity and environment are responsible for man 's intricate personality , including the areas of violence and aggression but environment has more influence on the person and the environment and method of bringing up the child can help control and discourage the aggressiveness in the child INTRODUCTION

The news everyday is full of reports about rape , murders , wars and other forms of violence . But that is at a larger scale . Even in day to day life we come across acts of violence and aggression . Children...

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