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Violation from a video game to teenagers

Understanding the Ill Effects of Violent Video Games

The tremendous popularity and significant effects , whether good or bad of video games to teenagers have long been the of debate and scandal . Crime- and violence-related consequences of video games are the greatest concerns by parents , lawmakers , government leaders , religious groups , and other concerned sectors . Easy access and decreasing parental guidance contribute to the ill results of video games . The increasingly realistic and stimulating characteristics of video games , such as their computer graphics and special effects , can really change the actions thoughts , and

feelings of teenagers . For these reasons , a teenager 's preference to entertainment is now subjected to the violations resulting from playing video games

According to a written by Dr . David Walsh , almost eighty percent of Americans from seven to seventeen years old are now engrossed in playing video games . This is on a regular basis with an average of eight hours per week . Generally , video games were designed to benefit the players because they bring fun and enhance the skill development of teenagers with regards to problem solving , logic and strategy . However video games are always challenged because they promote violent crimes and these electronic diversions contribute to the unsociable attitudes of teenagers . This even bolsters the impression that video games are inappropriate not only for young people but also harmful to adults (Walsh

Walsh justified the concern about violent video games based on the premise that they intensify hostility and violence among teenagers . He cited the extensive body research done by the American Psychological Association , the American Academy of Pediatrics , and the American Medical Association , which concluded that television violence affects children 's behavior . The three organizations reported that there is a cause and effect relationship between television violence and hostility among the youth who watch it . Walsh also reported that based on this study , a lot of researchers have theorized that it is expectable that the impact of video games is greater on the ones playing them . He provided four reasons for this hypothesis . First , teenagers tend to follow what a video game character is doing because they identify with the point of view of a shooter or an offender . Second , the innate quality of video games calls for active participation rather than passive observation of a player . Third , violent video games imply repetition of such attitude . Lastly , video games increase the reward system of education . These outcomes manifest that concern over the violations coming from video games is indeed justified (Walsh

In of Walsh , several studies are also cited which show that constant and regular exposures to violent video games increase biological awakening of teenagers . This can be manifested through an increase in heart rate , systolic blood pressure , and diastolic blood pressure of teenagers playing violent video games . Walsh added that these biological effects resulting from playing violent video games are significant because these are the same types of physiological responses that a teenager 's body who is involved in a combat manifest...

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