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Victorian Age

Victorian Era

Victorian ages (1837-1901 , technology advancements rapidly moved forward as they were introduced . Victorian ages are also known as the height of the British Industrial Revolution . British Industrial Revolution was strictly under Queen Victoria 's rule . She had a 64 year rein in Britain . She left her mother to live with her uncle in an upscale royal environment . During her rein , two wars were going on making technology communications necessary . British history is two thousand years old , and yet in a good many ways the world has moved father ahead

since the queen was born than it moved in all the rest of the two thousand put together ' Mark Twain

The Romantic Era and the Victoria Era were simultaneous . They both took place from the late eighteen hundreds to early nineteen hundreds , both in Europe , and both ages are branded with new developments no one can imagine living without today . Romantic Era , which is also known as Enlightment period , advancements involved literacy , the arts , and education . Victorian Era made advancements in technology , cameras type , phonographs and telephones . All new developments were displayed at the Crystal Palace . The queen was unimpressed with the hi-tech

Queen Victoria never realized how much her country advanced during her rein . She rejected use of typein court rooms . She allowed communications technology for the use of the war . She said it was going to be destroyed there after . Today , no one , much less royalty could imagine living without necessities this queen vetoed

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