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Victim impact statements

Victim Impact Statements

When crimes are committed , the social is disrupted . Crime distorts the harmonious living and organization of things in the society because it is against societal regularity . The impact crime has on our society can not be overemphasized . However , no matter how much we measure the effect of a crime on the of things in the society , the person that suffers more is the victim of such a crime . This is because the crime has a psychological , pathological , social , financial and physical effect on the victim of such crime that

is committed . The recognition of this has made the justice system to incorporate what is called the Victim Impact Statement

The Victim Impact Statement is a written or oral statement that gives the victim , primary or secondary , of a crime the opportunity to express himself /herself on how the crime has affected him /her in different ways It is a statement that gives the victim the opportunity to be part of the judicial process . In several states in America , victims are allowed to talk about the effect the crime has on them at judicial hearings and at paroles hearings . Generally , the Victim Impact Statement contains a vivid of the physical , financial , psychological or emotional impact of the crime , harm done to family relationship by the crime , such as the loss of a parent or caregiver , s of medical treatment or psychological services required by the victim as a result of the crime , need for restitution...

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