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Veterans and active duty military suffering from PTSD.


PTSD in Veterans and Active Duty Military

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Chapter one


Studies carried out indicate PTSD is a common phenomenon among veterans and active duty military (Sgtstryker , 2007 . However , there is limited research on causative effects of PTSD making it hard to find lasting solutions to PTSD in veterans and active duty military . In this light this study is a quantitative research on PTSD prevalence in among veterans and active duty military

. Consecutively , data will be collected for about fifty soldiers from the National Personnel Records Center and Military Personnel Records . The data will be analyzed using SPSS version 12 . Frequencies and cross tabulations will be used to determine if there is any significant relationship in the numbers of those that have been affected at 95 level of significance . Hence , carrying out this research will facilitate finding lasting solutions of PTSD among veterans and active duty military

Post traumatic stress dis develops after someone is exposed to a prolonged traumatic occasion and he /she reacting to it with intense fear (Barnes 2006 . According to Faith , traumatic experiences can be in terms of physical or mental distress for instance rape , physical assault and kidnapping , to mention a few (2006 . Studies carried out show that veterans and active duty military are more prone to PTSD as a result of the kind of work they do (Daniel , 2007 . It is in this light that this study seeks to carry out a quantitative research to ascertain the prevalence of PTSD levels among veterans and active duty military With globalization and technological development wars are inevitable as world government seek to gain economic powers above their counterparts The threat of terrorism is also another security issue which propagates development of effective land forces to ensure that countries security is upheld

The history of post traumatic dis originates from many decades ago owing to the use of war as a method of conflict resolution . The dis is termed as a medical condition where an individual who has suffered a horrific experience continues to suffer from anxiety as well as fear due the previous experiences (Sgtstryker , 2007 . Post Traumatic Stress Dis was officially written in textbooks after countless Vietnam Veterans were diagnosed with the dis (Sgtstryker , 2007 . The dis may take up to between six months to several years before symptoms start to emerge depending on the copying mechanisms of a person (Richmond , 2007 . For instance , memories regarding such an event may be overwhelming and the person may feel as if he /she is reliving the previous event

Problem statement

A recent study by the army shows that at least 25 to 30 of the soldier 's who have served in different wars present serious mental health problems which include depression substance abuse and post-traumatic stress dis (Daniel , 2007 . On the other hand , the behavioral traits presented by PTSD victims could be seen as defense mechanisms employed by the retired troops to deal...

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