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Venezuela has been maintaining diplomatic relationship with the United States of America throughout the 20th century . In fact , Venezuela is one of the most important trading partners of the United States . However the rapport between the two nations deteriorates during the George W Bush administration . Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez highly criticizes U .S . economic and foreign policy with regards to Iraq , Haiti , Kosovo and other areas . He also initiates the disconnection of the ties between U .S . and Venezuelan militariesNo . He accuses the U .S . of planning to assassinate him

, adding that such attempt would end the shipments of Venezuelan petroleum to U .S . On March 14 , 2008 , Chavez even dared the U .S . to put Venezuela on a list of countries accused of supporting terrorism and calls it as one more attempt by the Washington , D .C . to undermine him for political reasons

For the past years , the Washington Consensus neoliberal model of corporate globalization was followed by many Latin American governments The Consensus included policies like privatization of public services low tariffs which opened to foreign investments and eroded workers rights . Although exports rose during this time , the economy of Latin America failed to grow . Latin American governments were disappointed with the failure of the Washington Consensus yet U .S . continued to convey to the Latinos to promote the twin pillars of democracy and free trades . However , the citizens of Latin America , particularly Venezuela learned the lesson : they turned away from the failed neoliberal models and opted...

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