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Validate Someone Idea



To validate a marketing concept the following `dos ' should be taken into cognizance by the entrepreneur

GATHERING THE RELEVANT DATA AND INFORMATION SURROUNDING THE CONCEPT : The entrepreneur should get to include the right people to partake in the validation process in to generate data to be tested for the concept . The targeted customers should be those to include as respondents in validating the concept . Qualitative approach can be utilized in analyzing the data gotten

from respondents through statistical tools such as chi-square analyses , regression analyses or ANOVA analyses . On the other hand , qualitative approach could be utilized where valid argument is raised on stated research question for the validation of the concept

RAISE VITAL QUESTIONS RELATING TO THE CONCEPT : The entrepreneur of any marketing concept need to ask first what new contribution this concept will have in the organization 's marketing to improve the satisfaction of customers . The entrepreneur should raise question on how the respondents perceived the concept in relation to existing similar products , and what benefit they think will be derived from utilizing the concept when it becomes a finished product . Furthermore , question on how the perceive will be the right packaging , branding , and size for the concept when it becomes finished product

BE OBJECTIVE IN RESPONDENTS CRITICISM : The entrepreneur should give an open mind to the concept validation . Bias and subjective views should be relegated to the background . The criticism of those to partake in the concept validation should be taken noted off , and highlighting each point weighing the consequence and strength in each . Thus , objectivity should be the basis for drawing conclusion on the validating of marketing concepts

CHOOSING THE RIGHT CONCEPT VALIDATING PATTERN : Validating of marketing concepts differs according to the types of marketing product . For instance , it will not be the same process and procedure for validating a fruit drink from and automobile product . Thus , it is required that the right process and strategy for the concept validation is followed based on the product type . Low - tech products are usually easier to understand to customers before they are actually shown to them and that is why concept testing seems to be more effective . Concept screening in high - tech industry may result in completely different way than expected (Pilawski 2003 . To validate a concept that pattern to the creation of consumable products the process should adopt a quota sampling method . In this data gathering method , different variables are put into consideration when allocating percentage to different strata of respondents for the validation process . The need to adopt this method is to include different people with different taste , product need , cultural and religious affiliation . This will give the validation process a wide reaching and all embracing response for arriving at a valid conclusion On the other hand , a good for productive purpose may not require the quota sampling method . Targeted respondents may be selected through a non-random approach...

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