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An Assessment of my Values Orientation and Counseling




Thesis Statement : The values that I hold as a person is related with my ability to help others through counseling

Values can be defined in several ways

It is defined as the beliefs or attitudes about what is good , right desirable , worthwhile , etc (Ursery , 2002

Values is defined as the standards or qualities considered worthwhile and desirable (Values Ethics

I possess a value

orientation that is brought to my counseling duties especially into the helping relationship

I am able to respect opinion from other people and I listen deliberately

I view other culture and values with much respect as I have with my own which makes me open to a variety of people

I have high regard for the family as the basic social unit , the sanctity of marriage , and the divinity of the church

I have strengths and weaknesses , just like any human being , with regard to my duty as a counselor

My strong points as a counselor include being non-judgmental , a critical thinker , and a passionate worker

I will enhance these traits and will make use of it in places where it is needed such as in a culturally-diverse area

I would like to keep my passion and attachment for work at a moderate level

My weak points lie on the fact that I sometimes put too much emphasis on non-verbal communication such as body language

I wish to use this further in cases where it is necessary

I will practice putting less emphasis on body languages but will maintain it to an essential level

I have biases and predispositions when it comes to certain types of problems and groups of people but I do not have a bias against any cultural or race

I am affected by cases that involve child abuse and this causes me to be emotionally concerned since I also have personally experienced the same situation and can relate to the feeling of an abused child

I have a predilection towards alcoholism , being that the members of the family where I originated are also alcoholics , thus , giving me a better understanding of a patient with substance abuse

I have personal experiences that exposed me to a different culture that is through my family

My step brother and sister are married to people from different culture and race , more specifically African American

This way , I am given the chance to frequently meet with them and their family and be able to observe how their culture is in terms of feeling acting , and beliefs

I have become aware of the fact that personal values , beliefs , and behaviors affect my ability to help others

This happens when it goes beyond a desired level and goes beyond my control

It is essential for me to control my emotions and feeling and this will pave the way for my credibility as...

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