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Utilitarianism and Gay Marriage

Utilitarianism and Gay Marriage Utilitarianism and Gay Marriage : Should they be allowed to marry

According to Utilitarianism , an actions goodness consists in its increasing the the end of time , and its badness in its decreasing the pleasure in the world , from now until the end of time the more and action increases the until the end of time , the better it is and the more it decreases the

Utilitarianism is a very influential theory , and its variation . As stated above , the utilitarian principle applies to individual actions For each action , we consider the impact

on utility and judge the action by its net impact . This is sometimes called act utilitarianism One variant of utilitarianism , called rule utilitarianism ' applies the utility principle not to individual actions but to general ethical rules . Thus , a rule utilitarian might argue that the rule Do not lie ' will increase Rule-utilitarian do not do a utility calculation for each instance where lying is considered . Generally , a utilitarian would be more comfortable than a deontologist breaking a rule in circumstances where doing so would have a good consequence

In other words , the Utilitarian claimed to have answered the most perplexing questions : What should be the guide for individual conduct What should be the function of the government , the main organizational aspect of the community ? And how can one 's interest be reconciled with opposing interest of others and of the community as a whole ? According to Utilitarianism , the pleasure-pain principle not only answer the first two questions , but it also proves that there can be no clash between individual and group interest , because if the conduct of both will be the same

This holds true for the legal issue about gay marriage . The issues of marriage are very complex , especially when dealing with issues of who should and should not be married , and what being married really means Gay Marriage is a union between two men or two women , allowing them to have the exact same set of legal rights as those possessed by heterosexual spouses . Homosexual is characterized by or involving sexual attraction felt by a person for another person of the same sex Homosexuality has many causes , in the same way that a fever may occur from the different sources . However , as a generalization , it can be said that homosexuality often seems to result from an unhappy home life usually involving confusion in sexual identity . Hence the relation between man and man based on utilitarianism will be good if they are useful - that is , if they increase happiness or pleasure and reduce pain

Happiness is a feeling of joy and pleasure . We are all special creatures live with a certain purpose , made equally to meet the satisfaction in life - to become happy . All people live in the society with right and privileges in life and for their essential advantage , so that the goodness and happiness of the member , that is , the majority of the members of every State , is the great standard by which everything...

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