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Universal health care

Opposition to Universal Healthcare

Universal healthcare is a system of healthcare which covers all citizens , and sometimes even permanent residents , of a governmental region . This varies in its structure , as well as in the degree to which it is publicly funded health care costs are typically met by the population via compulsory health insurance or taxation , or a combination of both . Universal health care is provided in most developed countries and in many developing countries , the first one being the National Health Service (NHS , established in the United Kingdom in 1948

Countries which provide universal healthcare include Germany , Canada China and Singapore , to name a few . Currently , the United States is the only wealthy , industrialized nation that does not provide universal health care (Institute of Medicine , 2004

In this essay , I will argue against the implementation of a universal healthcare system . I believe that the present system of healthcare is better than the proposed alternative , and I will set forth my arguments why this is so , focusing on the disadvantages of universal health care systems , and the lack of necessity for this system

Supporters of healthcare claim that it is a basic human right . Contrary to popular belief , healthcare is not a right (Kelley , 1998 . As such , it is not the government 's responsibility to pay for it (Tanner , 2006 Furthermore , universal health care systems also have plenty of disadvantages

One of such disadvantage is the reduction in efficiency . Universal health care is centralized , and thus the bureaucratic oversight and increased work will lead to reduced inefficiency . Not only that this system may also decrease the charitable services provided by the doctors because of the increased administrative duties medical centralization and over-regulation , which are effects of the universal healthcare , bring about (Kelley , 1998

Another disadvantage of the universal healthcare system is the increase in the waiting time . This problem is usually not present in the present healthcare system , since the companies control this to ensure customer satisfaction . Increased waiting time is a necessary consequence of the centralization of healthcare , and it may have fatal consequences as when this results in unnecessary deaths that could have been avoided by a speedy provision of health services (Cato Liberty , 2006

A major disadvantage of the universal healthcare system is that it hinders innovative technologies and procedures in the field of medical science . Developments are hampered by the accompanying decrease in the economic incentives to such individuals and companies brought about by the rationing of healthcare , a necessary consequence if the system Also , independent and specialized cutting-edge procedures may be given less funding to provide for the costs of the universal healthcare system . As a result , universal healthcare may even delay the finding of the medical solutions for the already existing conditions today

Aside from the above mentioned disadvantages , I also believe that it is unfair for the entire population to shoulder the costs of the medical expenses of those who willingly endanger their health . It is unfair for those who practice a healthy...

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