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`Unity of Command` is the key to the successful conduct of joint operations. Critically evaluate this statement




In military context , unity of command is a very familiar term . It is the core effort of most of educational and training programs of high ranking officers in the US Army and national defense organizations all over the globe . The term is more than a military slogan , it is a basic military philosophy which contains the understanding that coordination is the key to harnessing power and strength from available military resources . The term is often used internally in various corps and military

organizations . The application is therefore , limited to the coordination of resources within that particular organization

However , in this , we are discussing the role of the philosophy in joint operations , a condition which require implementation of the unity of command philosophy over the boundaries of a single organization

Unity of Command and Joint Operations

II .1 . Unity of Command

As mentioned , Unity of Command is the basic philosophy that guides military organizations in its operations . It is referring to a condition where a subordinate should have one and only one superior . In a wholesome perspective , this means the military hierarchy tree should be shaped in such a way that leaves only one in absolute command . Within the concept , all available sources are supposed to be fighting for a common goal

To provide an illustration that will depicts the importance of unity of command in military operations , we will use an example of a dozen men trying to move a giant concrete block . If all these men are to do the efforts separately , for instance , some are using rope and wedges , some are using grease to try to slide the concrete block and some other merely trying to push the block away , the result is an immovable concrete block and a dozen of exhausted men . In other words , without a unity of command , military resources can be depleted without generating much of a result (Mckeaney , 1994

On the other hand , if one man are chosen to lead the removal process and the strengths and energy of a dozen men are coordinated using a single strategy , for instance , using rope and wedges , then the work will actually accomplish something and the energy of the men will be used more effectively (Lawrence , 1995

In theory , the leadership of a single person simplifies the situation because then there will be much more limited and focused objectives and there will be only a single perspective on how to manage available resource to achieve those objectives . History has proven that unity of command is the philosophy that usually gets the job done in military realms (Lawrence , 1995

II .2 . Joint Operations

Joint operation is also a familiar term in the military context . In simple terms , it means two or more military organizations working in specific operations in to reach common objectives . In the 20th century , joint and multinational operations have displayed their important role in military undertakings . It displays how the full spectrum of special...

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