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United States History


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The American Revolution


The American Revolution began in 1775 and went on until 1783 . The war was between the Great Britain and thirteen North-American British colonies which eventually led to the British rule being overthrown by these colonies . Revolutionaries took control of all the thirteen colonial governments , formed the Second Continental Congress , and went on to form a Continental Army . In 1776 , they officially declared their independence as the United States of America . Since 1778 , other European nations supported

the Americans and fought on their side (Genealogy par . 1 . However , the American Revolution differs greatly with other revolutions around the world and though Americans sought a restoration of America 's old , it still qualifies to be called a revolution

Comparison with Other Revolutions

Compared to the French Revolution , the American Revolution was significantly different . The government system in France was founded on feudalism . Great Britain had a constitutionally established monarchy and the British colonies in America regarded themselves as being respectable British citizens and understood their laws and thus their rights . This made them stand up for their rights and fight to gain independence from the Great Britain . The clear rift between the rich and the poor was a mentality deeply ingrained into people 's minds , thus the long continuity of the unconstitutional monarchy in France . The French people were accustomed to the monarchy-associated life , and therefore never called for change until a great economic depression revealed the absolute monarchy 's...

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