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The United States and Global Food Trade

.netRunning Head : Global Food Trade

The United States and Global Food Trade


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Local grocery stores in Upstate New York markets a variety of common produce items such as fresh fruits and vegetables . A trip to Hannaford led to the discovery of produce origins and the prevalence of food trade between regions or countries . Some of produce items sold in the store were grown locally , and imported from other regions or countries as well . Produce items such as apples , grapes , cherries , cabbage cucumbers , onions , garlic , and potatoes are

grown locally in the state Other produce items such as lettuce , oranges , and watermelons are being imported from California and New Mexico . Asparagus , avocadoes , and also some cucumbers are grown and shipped from Mexico . Pineapples , peaches and papayas are imported from Guatemala or Brazil

Most of the produce seen in the store was labeled as locally grown products because of the area 's developing farming and agricultural industry . State government officials support farmers in the locality through funds and subsidies . Governor Spitzer announced earlier this year plans of allocating 50 million in the state 's proposed Upstate Agricultural Economic Development Fund (Chittenden , 2008 ) Senator Clinton also expressed her support for the growing industry of farming and agriculture in the area and promises to continue promoting bills that further the interest of farmers in the state (Clinton , 2008 ) These moves by state government officials do not only target the plight of farming and agriculture , or farmers for that matter , but also focus on the importance of developing food trade between states , regions , or countries

Food trade is important between states or regions in to encourage developments in the field of farming and agriculture . Securing the nation in terms of food and health concerns is influenced by allowing local farmers to grow a variety of produce items to provide for the nation 's needs . Food trade between states or regions is not mainly promoted for local funds from the trading or exporting process . Although profiting from the trade is part of the promotion of farming and agriculture among states and regions , local exchange is more of providing adequate supplies of a variety of produce items for the nation 's citizens to answer needs and concerns for food and health security . States and regions participate in food trading not only to attract investors for farms and agricultural plans , but also to exchange resources between these areas for food stocks (FAO , 2008 ) It is also part of securing the health of the nation by supporting locally grown produce items under high quality standards (Food and Drug Administration , 2000 ) If this is the case for state and regional food trade , the situation for global food trade is entirely different

Aside from the importance of global food trade in balancing demands for food consumption in nations around the world , it also plays a role in the economy of each nation . The ability to grow export quality products means that nations are able to gain profit...

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