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Unique Personality

Running Head : Unique Personality

Essay on Unique Personality

[Student 's Full Name]

[Name of University] This essay will briefly discuss the Personality . It will define what personality is and how it can be measured . The essay will show scientifically why a person cannot be compared to another and that in every given scenario each person who will have to go through a specific situation will react differently and will have or encounter different kinds of emotions . Personality is molded and formed on various reasons These can come from social , cultural

or environmental , it can even be formed based on the past experiences of a person , may it be a good or a bad experience or something that was directly or indirectly made

In the book Introduction to Psychology ' by Edward Smith , Susan Nolen-Hoeksema , Barbara Fredrickson and Geoffrey Loftus , Personality can be defined as the distinctive and characteristic patterns of thought , emotion and behavior that make up an individual ' personal style of interacting with physical and social environment ( Smith Nolen-Hoeksema , Fredrickson and Loftus , 2003 ,

.454 ' It has always been said that one can never compare an individual to another . Human beings were created in their own uniqueness having their own traits and characteristics . People react and behave differently even if they are faced in the same exact situation or scenario . An individual 's personality can be rated as aggressive , passive or submissive and the likes . For example , one 's reaction to the challenges of work pressures as an opportunity to...

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