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Unforgettable Miss Bessie

Rainer is noted for an approach to dance that treats the body more as the source of an infinite variety of movements than as the purveyor of emotion or drama . Many of the elements she employed - such as repetition , patterning , tasks , and games - later became standard features of modern dance . In her early dances , Rainer focused on sounds and movements , and often juxtaposed the two in arbitrary combinations . Somewhat inspired by the chance tactics favored by Cunningham , Rainer 's choreography was a combination of classical dance steps contrasted with everyday , pedestrian movement

. She used a great deal of repetition , and employed narrative and verbal noises (including wails , grunts , mumbles and shrieks , etc ) within the body of her dances . A turning point in Rainer 's choreography came in 1964 , when in an effort to strip movements of their expressive qualities , she turned to game structures to create works . All movement aimed to be direct , functional , and to avoid stylization . In so doing , she aimed to remove the drama from the dance movement , and to question the role of entertainment in dance . Throughout this stage of her choreography she worked towards movement becoming something of an object , to be examined without any psychological , social or formal motives . She opted for neutrality in her dances , presenting the objective presence of the human body and its movements , and refused to project a persona or create a narrative within her dances . In 1965 , as a reaction to many of the previously stated feelings , Rainer created her "No Manifesto " which was a strategy formulated to demystify dance . This exploration in reducing dance to the essentials climaxed with one of Rainer 's most famous pieces , Trio A (1966 , initially part of a larger work entitled The Mind Is a Muscle . Something of a paradigmatic statement that questioned...

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