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Paper Topic:

Understanding Nature




YOUR AUDIENCE : Youth with interest in Nature

SPECIFIC PURPOSE : to use my ability to persuade of the importance of the environment

DESIGNED INTENTIONS : To clarify to those with a meager informational background of the importance of nature and how youth is related to the soul of nature and not to the views of politicians on what important nature is economically


Nature is another synonym for a sane and prospect-awarding behavior which exists within a person whenever there are assemblies of units

br working together to get the attraction they want for the cause they are planning ahead for 'Do you believe in fate ? So does everybody who feels that God will not let them down . Do you understand your fate ? Where you 're being lead to What you will be traveling to ? Why ? How ? When ? Who would care to volunteer to guide and approach humanely your irritated mind , disturbed and sophisticated yet misunderstanding the heart , with these questions I started my journey of introspection , a travel to guide myself to the other edge of reality where you and I , darkness and a light 's glimmer are one in face of a dark kingdom being taken away , where the fragile earth below and uniting all these people become dust whenever there are no units working firmly together to progress and preserve one another as one society living on one earth 'Do you know what your name means , Human ? It means the intelligence and spirit of a Man . The man who is supposed and must be humanely human yet strong , wise and walks strongly on broken glass not uttering a single word of disapproval and believing that this will purify him for a better future , who believes that many questions of thoughts on mortality and the effect of being a mortal in a living on world that will keep rolling after you leave it will provide an internal scope on its reality and what it relieves from pains from the heart of its earth and to the external crust to 'not suffocate ' the lives of those who live helplessly needing to live on the will to help of others 'Who let this happen Why ? What is it of benefit to me to go to heaven or live in hell on life when it wasn 't me who wanted so , and yet I enjoy the little and separate pleasures of communicating with my inside and the world outside when I try to be someone who is lively when the atmosphere around me is a lifeless and choking hemisphere

What is that which constitutes the future of Nature ? Is it my plan to work on the present grounds and solidly form a solid ground underneath me to blend my dreams in to achieve and dig out of the earth as holy treasures ? How do I do so ? Is it by praying ? Is it by achieving ? Is it by accepting my abilities and capabilities and worth in life ? Yes...

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