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The Unconstitutionality of Capital Punisment

The Unconstitutionality of Capital Punishment Name

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Capital punishment refers to the judicial process of killing a person both for incapacitation and retribution . It is a form of sentence for capital crimes or offences relating to the state . This form of sentence is also referred to as the death penalty or execution . The death penalty has been carried out virtually by every society in to suppress political dissent and to punish crimes . Such crimes include espionage murder , murder , military justice or even treason . Some states also

br reserve capital punishment for sexual crimes such as incest , adultery sodomy and rape as well as religious crimes like apostasy for the case of Islamic societies . In Federal States like the United States , capital punishment varies by jurisdiction and is rarely applied except for the cases of contractual killing , felony or even aggravated murder . The methods of administering capital punishment have also varied over time and depend on the jurisdiction in question . Kenneth (2007 ) asserts that whereas certain jurisdictions have suspended or punishment , others are striving to reinforce its applicability . In deed he confirms that the first execution took place in the United States whereby a person was hanged because of stealing . Since then , the death penalty has always featured in criminal justice systems of most countries (152 .The fact that each human being has a right to live has resulted to debates regarding how just capital punishment is . Advocates for the same argue that capital punishment...

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