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US government Vs Texas State government

Running Head : Differences between US government and Texas State government

Differences between US government and Texas State government

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Differences between US government and Texas State government

The United States of America is a country consisting of many states including Texas state , and various outlying areas . Although Texas is one of the states of U .S , to some degree , it has difference in terms of its governance

This scrutinizes the difference between the government of US and Texas State government in terms of its

constitution and economy

The United States is a democratic federal republic under the Constitution of 1787 and its amendments . There are three levels of government (1 ) national , or federal (2 ) state , consisting of 50 separate governments and (3 ) local , consisting of thousands of county township , city , and other local units within the states (Ferguson 2001

The U .S . Constitution , the oldest written constitution among the great nations , has served as a model for a number of other countries . The presidential system of government , with separation of powers between the executive , legislative , and judicial branches , is one of the two leading forms of democratic government is use today (Bender , 2006 . The emphasis on freedom in the Declaration of Independence , the Constitution , and the Bill of Rights has been an important world influence

The United States form of government is based on these principles

1 . Popular Sovereignty . Supreme power is in the hand of the people Government is based on the consent...

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