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Belief Systems and Acts of Terrorism of a Unabomber

Terrorism has long been besetting people and the society in general Such acts of terror have , in fact , resulted into death of many human beings as well as destruction of properties and principles . People behind terrorism have their distinct convictions which made them sow chaos . However ideal , it can be disputed that the rationale behind terrorism remains to be unacceptable and will never be logical . This is because any form of terrorism will never put back every life which ceases to exist in

this world and every possession which looses its value

It is valuable to take into consideration a literary work which provides one with a clear view , understanding and realization of the nature and circumstances leading to terrorism or triggering a terrorist to carry out horrible activities . This was what A Mind for Murder ' by Alton Chase (2003 ) effectively imparted to the public . The book served to be a worthy and daring yet real manifestation of the reasons and activities behind a terrorist . In doing so , Chase specifically allowed the readers to have a glimpse of the life and exploits of infamous terrorist Theodore Ted ' John Kaczynski whose moniker Unabomber significantly indicated the death of three innocent people and severe injury of some twenty-three others . In fact , Kaczynski was dubbed as the Unabomber for nothing . Kaczynski was named by authorities as Unabomber because his victims are related with universities and airlines where the first three letters of his alias...

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