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Three Types of Social Structure Theories

Society is composed of individuals with own set of personalities that is grouped together to live in one society . Differences may be seen in physical aspects , personalities , and mannerisms . The discussions of three different social structures in the society will be explained in this

Social Disorganization Theory

Social disorganization theory refers to the failure of social institutions or social institutions like the academe , business establishments , real estate and others in particular communities . The theory originates from ecological studies which examines relationships between an organism and its environment . In ecology , the

social disorganization theory is described as an approach in concept or a school . In criminology , it is described as a theory applied to describe social structures . In the ecological perspective , the theory is promoted by a group of professors in the University of Chicago which is referred to as the Chicago School Sociology . Several professors were able to contribute to this theory as a school in ecology . ADDIN EN .CITE ThabitWalter ThabitSocial Disorganization Theories of Crime "how did East New York become a ghetto "syllabus material2006november 3200506 /24 /05ncwc .eduht tp /faculty .ncwc .edu /toconnor /301 /301lect08 .htmfaculty .ncwc .eduncwc .eduenglish06 /24 /05 (Thabit , 2005

William Isaac Thomas and Florian Znaniecki in 1918-1920 started to found the social disorganization theory in which the idea of attitudes is not innate from the individual , they are a product of the process of acculturation . A person 's subjection to an act is constructed from interactions between the individual 's behavior and the situation . Robert Ezra Park and Ernest W . Burgess in 1925 developed a theory of urban ecology which characterized that cities are environment governed by many societal forces . As society becomes populated , the need for urban space will subject people to ecological pressures . Both micro and macro level of the society is assumed to be operated by a superorganism wherein change is a natural aspect in its process of growth , neither chaotic nor disly . The organized area is invaded by new elements and therefore results to local competition among the people . A succession or an

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