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Two Ways to Belong to America by Bharati Mukherjee/Mother Tongue by Amy Tan




9 November 2008

Issues of Immigration and Identity in Bharati Mukherjee and Amy Tan

Home is where the heart is - and in the global world of changing dynamics , there is constant displacement of the native from his original roots to new horizons of opportunity and freedom . Immigration is the movement from one 's country of birth to a new country of settlement usually for reasons of employment , familial ties and even security from the unstable politics of one 's country . The relocation is not just a

lateral shift from one geographical point to another , rather it is an immense change from one culture to another , leaving a familiar lifestyle to confront , embrace or at times , refuse a completely different way of life , ethics , modes of thinking and even manner of speaking and language . Consequently there is the emergence of a new breed of with their own genre of stories intermingling their ancestral traditions with western thoughts and upbringing -- diasporic like Bharati Mukherjee and Amy Tan , who strive to speak the language of the immigrant , to voice the unheard stories and sensibilities behind walls of wariness , hesitation and misinterpretation

Bharati Mukherjee 's Two Ways to Belong in America ' is a tale of two sisters from Calcutta , Mira and Bharati , who have lived in the United States for some thirty-five years , but who find themselves on different sides in the current debate over the status of immigrants ( Two Ways to Belong to America ' 271 . Mukherjee weaves...

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