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Trouble Shooting Scenarios

I interviewed the network administrator of a publishing company . The publisher is based in Philadelphia while the majority of the workforce is based in Asia . Since it 's not possible for the publisher to be physically present in the Hong Kong office all the time , he needs a medium of communication that would connect him to his employees . E-mail is already part of the network but the publisher wants a real-time communication system . He knows about Skype and wants to use that technology to set up conference calls with his employees in Hong

Kong especially the key personnel

According to the network administrator , the conference calls were sometimes bad since the voice will break or the connection will be cut off every few minutes . He tried different methods in troubleshooting the problem . First he determined how much bandwidth is needed when conducting voice calls . After that , he tried figuring out whether a router could solve the problem or adding additional bandwidth would be more efficient . Since buying a router is easier , he bought an inexpensive one and tested it on the network . He chose a router that would prioritize voice calls over data flow . Unfortunately , this strategy did not work . The conference calls were still bad . He was then left with one other choice , that of improving the bandwidth

After a series of consultations with voice protocol experts , the network administrator finally decided to shift the company 's connection from an ADSL service to a frame relay instead of increasing the bandwidth to 2 Mbps . An ADSL connection allows for multiple users in one cable . This is called contention ratio . On the other hand , a frame relay is an exclusive connection per company . It 's more expensive but ensures voice and data reliability

Once the new frame relay connection has been installed , the network administrator also made use of a Cisco router that would allocate about seventy percent of the conference calls have become seamless...

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