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Transition of Rome from Republic to Empire

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Transition of Rome from Republic to Empire

As it is known , both the Ancient Rome and Roman law had a huge influence on the jurisprudence development history . In fact , the Roman legal system was very popular in the Ancient World and it managed to provide a good law basis for many countries , which is widely used even today (Ancient Rome 1 . It should be emphasized that a lot of researchers continue to take their interest in studying the formation and development of

the Roman Empire

During II - I centuries BC the fall period of the Roman Republic took place (Smith 66 . That process included the following stages : the rise of popular tribunes , the rise of private armies , the first triumvirate and Caesar 's dictatorship . That period of time led to the collapse of the Roman Republic and forming a monolithic and well-developed empire afterwards

It is not a secret that the fall period of the Roman Republic continues to attract the especial attention of many historians and lawyers , who inherited the richest ' juridical foundation of the Ancient government

So , the first steps to the collapse of the republic were taken in 133-121 BC , when Gracchus brothers came to the power in Rome . They were not satisfied with the work of the senate and the magistrates and tried to make them concentrate on their own political agendas (Roman Republic 1 . Also , the brothers tried their best to protect the interests of poor citizens and wanted to return them back on land and to grant Italian allies Roman citizen status . However , both men were killed lately by aristocracy

Later , when oligarchy didn 't manage to solve the military problem the rise of private armies began . Two generals C . Marius and L . Cornelius Sulla organized private armies . A lot of poor citizens joined those armies as they were promised to get lands . It should be pointed out that Sulla managed to persuade his army in the Southern Italy to attack Rome and get rid of Marius and his followers . As a result , the first Civil War began . Having defeated his rivals easily , Sulla became a dictator and tried to impose a reactionary political reform on Rome , the main purpose of which was to save the Republic

The next stage of the Rome transaction from republic to empire took place during 59-53 BC and it was called as the first triumvirate (Roman Republic 1 . Such well-known historical personalities as Pompeius Magnus , Licinius Crassus and Julius Caesar played a big role in the history of the Ancient Rome . These three men combined their efforts for conquering the power in Rome

Pompey was the most popular general at that time due to his successful fights against oligarchy . His achievements included the following victory over such Roman enemy as general Q . Sertorius , the defeat of Cilician pirates and King Mithradates VI of Pontus . Nevertheless , Pompey didn 't keep his word concerning the lands he had promised (Roman Republic 1...

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