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Transactional Leadership VS: Transformational Leadership


Transformational Leadership versus Transactional Leadership : A Review

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Transformational and transactional leadership differ mainly on the driving force behind them . For transformational leadership , presence of a strong leader , with intellect and charisma to inspire his subordinates , is one of its greatest strength . Creativity is encouraged from the side of the workers . Transactional leadership relies on the reward system-the commitment drawn from the subordinates ' lies on the awards that one

will receive once a task is completed . Development of creativity is not imperative . Various studies had investigated the role of these two leadership styles in the real world . Significant differences between these two were observed- in the creativity it can inspire out of the workers and in the strength of belief for the leadership styles

Transformational Leadership versus Transactional Leadership : A Review

In the modern era , the concept of leadership does not only include those observed in government officials as the designated heads of public offices . Leadership , in its broadest sense , can also be seen to play major roles in small communities , such those in governing bodies in schools , organizations and even in larger units of conglomerates such as those in multi-million companies (Aarons , 2006

Leadership as a discipline had long been theorized to have various approaches . Sir Gregory Burns , the leading proponent of the modern day leadership theories , introduced to the academic community two opposing styles : transformational and transactional leadership (Boje , 2000 . To simply state what Sir Burns had formulated in 1978 , a transformational leader focuses on inspiring its subordinates to finish the task in hand that will eventually be for the benefit of all of those under the leadership . That the contribution of one is for a higher need or purpose for the whole group . The concept of selfless service is important to note here . Also , in to finish a job in hand , the creativity of the subordinates is encouraged in this type of leadership . As opposed to this , transactional leadership is an approach for leaders to drive his subordinates to accomplishment their work in to get a reward Politis , 2004 . If the desired results are achieved with the current method used by the group , the leader does not encourage deviation from the current approach . The former relies on the charisma , intellect passion and heroic grandeur of the leader while the former 's strength lies on the satisfaction that a follower can acquire after the task is done , and of course , this will be in the form of rewards (Boje , 2000

These concepts had been extensively used by the academic and psychological community to assess the impact of these two approaches in the performance of certain groups of people . In a study conducted by Pastor et a .l in 2006 , a survey on the type of leadership of 76 presidents and CEO 's in Spain revealed that the leaders who 's desire was for their people to learn were...

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