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Paper Topic:

Trace the origins of the Cold War, considering the historical background of United States-Soviet Union relations, the wartime relationship, and early postwar developments.

Origins of Cold War

The Cold War was one of the most important historical events in the world , which had created a great impact that is still felt within the international community . The United States and the Soviet Union became the two most influential and powerful forces during this era . The relationship between the two former allies was anchored on political ideological and economic interests , which at the end of the Second World War came as threats wherein developed bitterness and rivalry for power over the years (Hoesel , 1992

The Cold

War which has been referred to as the period of elusive peace ' dictated that the United States of America as the world 's leading hegemonic power , with the defeat and disintegration of the Soviet Union at the end of the war . The Cold War indeed has been a conflict involving former allies , United States of America and the Soviet Union due to the difference in political ideologies held by the two superpowers (Nosotro , n .d

The difference in political ideologies caused the development of animosity and hostility between United States and the Soviet bloc . The United States having been supportive of capitalism clashed with the communist Soviet Union (Nosotro , n .d . Although there had been no direct confrontation between the two world superpowers , indirect confrontations among the United States and Soviet allies were enough to assess the impact of the Cold War . Economic , political and military affairs of the two states and their allies underwent massive policy changes in to keep abreast with the happenings during the Cold War . The arms race was one of the most important indirect military offensives that took place between United States and Soviet Union , both states trying to produce more sophisticated weapons ahead of the other . This in turn created a great impact on the two states ' economic and social services sectors (Kishlansky , 2005

As such , the political allies of both United States and Soviet Union were also affected as both governments of the two states worked towards spreading influences in less developed countries . The series of decolonization became rampant and emphasized in regions such as Asia Latin America , Africa and Middle East . And as such , the conflicts brought by the Cold War were instantly shifted and transmitted within these areas ( The Elusive Peace The Cold War ' 1992


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