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Toulmin Model Argument About The Environment

Preserving and Restoring the Environment : The Christian Way





Preserving and Restoring the Environment : The Christian Way

revolves around the universe . God created the nature or environment - the land , seas or bodies of water , animals , plants , and all the things in it . After creating a wonderful habitat , God realized that someone must care and rule His creations . From this need , God created the first human beings - Adam and Eve

The verity that before God created the human beings , He first created the nature or

environment - the mass of land and bodies of water , air plants , animals and others - is being emphasized in the Bible and other books that relate to the act of creation ' Only after God created almost everything that He realized that someone must be there to look manage , preserve , and restore , if possible , all His creations . It is from this realization that the need to create human beings with reflections like Him has arisen

There are some scholars who argue that although God put us here on Earth to rule His creation , human beings could not help but use His creation for their need to survive . Applying the Toulmin Model of the Argument my opinion in the given question on how Christians should preserve or restore the environment according to God 's will and not according to human 's need will be discussed in this . The Toulmin model asserts that most arguments consist of the following : claim , grounds , warrant backing , rebuttal , and qualifications...

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