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Total Quality Management

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Date approach which is intended to generate quality and satisfaction in all organizational processes of a company . TQM has been used in almost all kinds of industries . TQM is highly people-focused with extremely lower costs . TQM is found upon the principles of constant growth or improvement , customer satisfaction , long-time healthy partnerships with customers and suppliers , excellent employee involvement etc . TQM has become the mantra in transforming the organization into an efficient highly competitive , successful organization

(Besterfield , 2003 ) has defined TQM as an `art of managing the whole to achieve excellence

Companies implementing TQM are continuing their success stories and bagging several Awards like the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award All these companies are wonderfully implementing TQM bringing out excellent results . It is quite difficult to compare how successful these companies are in implementing TQM . There are no specific criteria that can compare two TQM-implementing companies . However monitoring of the amount of customer satisfaction , organizational improvement , nature of customer partnerships , and the ultimate quality improvement would help us conclude which is the best TQM Company . All these criteria would finalize which company has effectively implemented TQM accepting deploying and practicing the very best employee involvement and customer satisfaction . Let us take `SGL Carbon ' and `Xerox ' as examples . Quality Management has proved to be a useful management philosophy for both SGL Carbon and Xerox

SGL Carbon manufactures carbon and graphite products like brake discs furnace linings , semiconductors and electrodes . Considering the performance of SGL carbon , we can find that they have implemented TQM effectively increasing their market share and saving large amounts of money . The company started implementing TQM in 2002 using a statistical control methodology , Six Sigma . Sigma Six would perform process capability analysis and is also useful in managing the process variability . The company planned to implement this particular tool in all the departments , thereby saving 10 million euro in the year 2003 They successfully implemented their project SGL Excellence and made a big savings of 19 million euro . SGL Carbon could also boost its market share to forty percent . The company consistently created customer value by improving the competitiveness of the Company . The company focused on three important areas , operational excellence , commercial excellence and people excellence and ultimately found improvement in its `Management .operational excellence ' brought positive results in productivity , costs , working capital and several other areas . The company experimented several TQM methods and tools , thereby generating a culture of continuous improvement that produced good results . The only failure of SGL Carbon in implementing the management was bit idle in committing to the policies of Quality . SGL Carbon , no doubt , is a perfect example of the successful implementation of TQM

SGL Carbon 's perception about what constituted the failure and success was not fully true . SGL Carbon , unlike Xerox SGL Carbon was not sure where had it gone wrong and where had it excelled . The company 's analysis about the success of the programs implemented was...

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