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Tone and Style of `A Clean, Well-Lighted Place.`

Tone and Style of Ernst Hemingway 's A Clean , Well-Lighted Place

Ernst Hemingway is probably one of the who utilize unique styles with his literary works , especially his short stories . This is evident in his work A Clean , Well-Lighted Place ' wherein he explores the use of tone in style throughout the story . With the unique tone and style , the story becomes more interesting to the reader , despite inadequate background about the story , since it is only a short story Tone and style adds more color ' to the story , encouraging the readers to

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One of the elements Hemingway experimented on in this short story is the tone of the writing . We can say that tone is roughly the expression of Ernst Hemingway 's attitude . This is responsible for communicating various emotions , like anger , sorrow , amusement , satisfaction affection , and more . But this is not limited to what the character of the story says or how he says something . The tone of the story leads to what could be the thematic meaning of the story , or the subject being tackled all throughout

In to clearly know the tone of the story A clean , well-lighted place ' we should take into consideration some of the elements in the story . The first consideration would be the characters in the story Here we see two waiters talking about an old , deaf man who was drinking in their cafy . The most part of the story revolved around their exchanges of words , and with these conversations we learn a lot about the old man in the story . Aside from the three , we they also mentioned of a soldier and a girl who is the niece of the old man . At the end of the story , we also hear of a barman conversing with a waiter from earlier . These are the characters mentioned in the short story , despite most conversations were between the two waiters

Another element that determines tone is the details of in the story including the settings as well as the time it was told . The details were told at the start of the story , where it was revealed that the setting was a cafy late at night , with no one around except for an old man sitting in a shadow casted by a tree . By the end of the story , it was revealed that the place was well-lit because of the lighting provided by the electric light . When the light was put off by one of the waiters the mood seemed to change . This means that the light was just a fazade to hide the real emotions of people who enjoy clean and well-lit places This includes the older of the waiters , who is just like the old man who stayed in the cafy for being clean and well-lit

Another element to consider when we talk about the tone of the story was the events that happened . In the story , there was no shift in setting to signify any change of events...

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