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Should Tobacco companies be held responsible for smoking relate illnesses and deaths

Despite smoking being an individual choice , the tobacco companies play a major role in influencing individuals to smoke . It is for instance notable that tobacco companies are good at enticing individuals to consume tobacco by persuading people to smoke using smart marketing approaches (Wakefield , Mcleod Smith ,

300 . Whereas tobacco companies indicate that smoking is harmful to health , they also encourage smoking in their advertisements and hence it is not solely an individual 's responsibility to smoke . In that case , tobacco companies ought to share the blame of smoking related illnesses and


When individuals fall to the trap of the persuasive advertisement and marketing messages , they eventually become addicted to smoking . Since tobacco companies influence individuals to engaging into an addictive practice , the companies also ought to be held responsible for negative consequences thereof and not to solely blame the smoker . Furthermore , it is well appreciated that quitting smoking is a great difficulty for many smokers due to the addictiveness of nicotine . For instance , Chambers (para 2 ) cites a smoker as saying we want to stress that we don 't like smoking , and we feel smoking is harmful ' As such , tobacco companies should bear the blame of illnesses and deaths related to smoking . It is the tobacco companies to blame for resultant illnesses and deaths since the companies promote smoking as a stylish and good habit yet they understand the lethality of tobacco let alone its addictiveness

Smoking related illnesses and deaths is an unending debate . However , the role of the individuals and tobacco companies is clear . Even as individuals retain rights to individual choices and consequences thereof , tobacco companies should be discouraged or banned from advertising tobacco to protect individuals from the negative consequences . However , the individuals must make less harmful decisions in all situations

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