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To what extent is the right to self-determination a cause of or a solution to internal conflicts?

Self - determination and Internal Conflicts

The right to self - determination is a significant right with regard to the ownership of territory by any state . It is considered to be the international legal basis for claiming such ownership . Every person has an inalienable and inseparable connection with his home territory . This connection constitutes the basis for the right to self - determination Geographical bs are subject to change and new states may be formed instead of the existing states

Despite these changes , the people continue to be connected to their home territory , and

this connection does not change with time . The destruction of people implies their displacement from their territory In that attempt a foreign nation occupies their homeland and destroys them . The right of people to their territory is respected by every nation and this right persists even though they are governed by a foreign nation

Foreign rule generally spells the destruction of the native population All the same , the right of the native population to their territory does not go unrecognized . Moreover , acts of genocide or ethnic cleansing constitute sufficient grounds for the people of a conquered nation to self - determination . In addition , the preservation of the integrity of conquerors , frequently results in the perpetration of genocide against the vanquished populace . Subsequent to the failure of the Soviet Union several of its erstwhile states declared themselves to be independent For instance , Georgia declared its independence . Subsequently , the Republic of South Ossetia conducted a national referendum and declared its independence


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