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To Build a Fire by Jack london

To Build a Fire

By Jack London

In the novel , To Build a Fire , author Jack London make use of the theme of man against the force of nature . In this story , London depicts nature as a force to be reckoned with , wherein one moment it may be calm and peaceful and in the blink of an eye , may prove to be dangerous and deadly . Before embarking on his trip through the Yukon trail , London depicted the protagonist as having no knowledge of the conditions of the area during the winter season

and remains unfamiliar and relatively new to the area , He chose to ignore the bleak weather upon him as evidenced when London writes that .he spat speculatively . There was a sharp explosion crackle that startled him .before it could fall to the snow the spittle crackled in the air . He knew that at fifty below spittle crackled .it was colder .how much colder he did not know . But the temperature did not matter (302

From a line in the story , it is obvious that the protagonist of the story tries to survive in the cold and harsh weather , written as follows : In the course of the next two hours he came upon several similar traps . Usually the snow above the hidden pools had a sunken candied appearance that advertised the danger .Suddenly it broke through , floundered to one side , and got away to firmer footing (p 304 . The dominant character of nature is illustrated through the use of...

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