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Tillich, "Dynamics of Faith"

Running head : Tillich , Dynamics of Faith






Tillich , Dynamics of Faith

Through his 1957 thought provoking Dynamics of Faith text on religious theory , American author Paul Tillich explores deep religious issues . To be precise , the author explores the relationship between the dynamics of character and faith besides describing faith as emanating from personality . Further , the book analyses the clash between doubt and faith . This book is thus a real gem in the analysis of theological concepts for using profound philosophical reasoning . After studying

the book , I can categorically state that I have gained deeper insight into the issues of faith and human personality and how the 2 are interrelated . My bold presentation of this point does not however mean that Tillich 's text is flawless . As is common among instrumental works the book demonstrates a number of deficiencies which emanate from the usual complexity of religious concepts such as faith . On the other hand the book has a number of significant strong points which demonstrate the author 's expertise in religious issues . All in all , through the Dynamics of Faith text , Tillich explores how faith and personality are interconnected and how doubt and faith conflict besides describing faith as constituting personality amid various notable weaknesses as well as strengths

For example , regarding the issue of faith being a component of personality , Tillich explains faith as constituting ultimate concern . In elaborating this statement , the author states that faith comprises a central concept that has to do with...

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