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The City of Tijuana

History . Tijuana is a city in Mexico situated near the city of San Diego . Earlier the city of Tijuana was inhabited by the Kumeyaay Indians . The first information about the Valley of Tijuana appeared in 1769 when Father Juan Crespi provided detailed information about that area . The city acquired new distinct character in 1848 and became the first international b . Actually , the city began to play important role in the country and started t form its social and economic structure . Urban settlement began in 1889 when the agreement

to develop a new city of Tijuana was signed by descendents of Agustin Olvera and Santiago Arguello . In the end of the 19th and the beginning of the 20th century the city of Tijuana became a place of interest among Californian tourists - a place of entertainment and trade . The year of 1920 changed the life of Tijuana - new casinos opened . Nevertheless , the tourism declined in 1950s and the city had to re-organize and to re-structure its industry . Nowadays the city of Tijuana offers great variety of activities and attractions for foreign visitors

Per Income Capital . Speaking about per capita income it is necessary to note that the city remains very poor because of high living and house costs . For example , about 40 of families with children under full age live below the poverty line , whereas in San Diego only about 15 of residents live below the poverty line . Actually , the gap between the rich and the poor is very huge . According statistics , on average the worker 's income is about 10-11 ,000 . By comparison , the median city income for a household in San Diego equals 45 ,733 meaning that the income for a family amounts 53 ,060 . In other words , people in Tijuana earn four times less than in San Diego . Income per capital was about 12 ,600 in 1991

Economic Challenges . The economy of the city is claimed to be one of the most dynamic in Mexico . For example , many foreign organizations and companies are willing to establish industrial parks and plants called maquiladoras . Economic development is also marked by developing telemarketing and high-tech companies . So , people attract people with technical college degree . According statistics , the GDP per capita is about 9000 per year . Tourism business is one more benefit for economy but the country also faces lots of challenges . For example , the city is provided with few resources to ensure proper services for its population . City 's development is chaotic and dised . The city , as it is mentioned , is without an eye to the future and lacking master plan for future infrastructure (City 's Pro ) Therefore , economic development is very slow . Furthermore , the number of foreign investors is very small as well as the number of jobs created . It is stated that the annual growth rate is hardly exceeding 3-4

Ecological challenges . The city of Tijuana suffers also from ecological problems affecting negatively life quality and health in the area . For example , the main problems are...

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