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Thoreau & Solitude

Instead he uses the time to focus on these needs in his mind Through his solitude , he has the ability to clear his head and to completely focus on what is happening in nature . He imagines the roots and seeds of the plants . When an early twilight ushered in a long evening in which many thoughts had time to take root and unfold themselves (Thoreau ) A person cannot focus the mind when it is full of the day 's activities and problems , but when it is alone . It can think clearly about his

/her surroundings . Thoreau even enjoyed the weather that kept him indoors because it allowed him to experience the meditation he needed

Thoreau wonders how men could think that he is alone . He feels that there are more societies than those created by man . He presents the argument that no one or nothing is alone on earth because even the earth is a part of a huge galaxy , the Milky Way . Thoreau is away from other humans , but the complex society of nature is all around him . The animals in particular have a vast society . They are all around mankind at all times . The bullfrogs and all of the nocturnal animals are as busy as people in a city . Insects by the thousands are there for mankind , but often man is too busy and has so much on his mind that he cannot see what is around him . If more were in solitude , then they would have the chance to see and contemplate about the world around them

According to Thoreau , God is experimenting with man to see if he is addicted to gossip and other temptations of society

Thoreau feels about his relation to God . Here in particular , he sees himself as being able , like God , to...

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