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Thomas Friedman--Outsourcing in India.

Thomas Friedman - Outsourcing in India The three cultural changes that Call Center environment is bringing to India is

- Empowering the youth and especially women

- Providing a set of people with disposable income and disposable time

- Changing the value systems and beliefs

Women are coming forward and taking the opportunity provided by increased employment opportunities . Educational pressure has always been there to fight for the few available jobs . Campus placements used to happen at MBA schools only . Now under-graduate and graduate schools across educational specializations has become target of organizations

vying to hire fresh talent . The gender equality culture of Multi National Corporations (MNC 's ) operating in India encourages women to take up roles across the outsourced centers . Society at large has also accepted the enhanced role of women in India though concerns remain over the extent of American cultural influence on traditional Indian value systems

Probability to earn disposable income and having the time to spend it has increased . Purchasing American products and living a Western lifestyle existed as a nice escapist fantasy but now it is giving a sense of independence . The indulgence in MNC goods is widely prevalent in Indian society . Youngsters have become more materialistic with much more awareness about the way they behave , dress and how they can spend their money

Parents are feeling the repercussions of the cultural shift as they see their children respecting less of the value systems Indian 's have been known to follow since ages . They feel that children now have role models which don 't belong to India or represent materialistic success . Some of them feel that family bonds will get eroded leading to erosion of the safety net that acts like a social security . Now children have started living alone and rebuilding their life from scrap . This results in their stay away from home and the environment where they grew up learning and respecting religious rituals . As a result they have stopped following certain religious

The economic boom has also increased the divide between the rich and the poor . 35 of India 's population lives below the poverty line with migrant laborers moving from one job to the other . These laborers come from villages to work in the city and live in appalling conditions Almost 10 of the population in Bangalore , the information technology hub of India lives in slums without basic sanitation and healthcare Cities have become models of economic growth leading to erosion of the image of villages . Young and old are moving to bigger cities and in absence of a support base in the cities they end up struggling to win their daily bread

In the above examples we see how the societal structure relating to youth and women empowerment , the purchasing power and the generational differences are being affected by the Call Center culture . Meanwhile the organizational structure and leadership changes are also being observed .Organizations are being more tolerant of ethnic and social backgrounds People from across religions are given opportunities...

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